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Banyan's archives has a permanent home in a purpose built environmentally controlled vault and new offices. Constructed with private resources and outfitted with financial assistance from the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC). Banyan's impressive archive is finally housed on shelves (instead of boxes) and the lengthy process of detailed cataloguing and copying of the oldest items onto a digital medium is in progress.

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Summary of The Banyan Archive 

Over 3,000 video tapes - ¾" U-Matic, Betacam & DV/DVCAM



Hosein - Shi-ite Muslim festival in Trinidad & Jamaica 1977, 1986 and 2000 (January). 



 Phagwa - Hindu spring festival in Trinidad & Guyana 1978 & 1988. Interviews, re-enactment of the legend of Holika, celebration of Holika, Chowtal singing and performance. 


 Johnkunnoo - masquerade in Jamaica and Bahamas, Belize and Guyana. 


 Divali - Hindu festival of lights in honour of Mother Lakshmi traditional village celebrations in Dow Village, California - Trinidad. 


 La Marguerite and La Rose - Rival Flower festivals of St. Lucia 1986 & 1988. 


 Ramleela - The story of the Holy Ramayana as 10 day community re-enactment by the villagers of Dow Village, California, Trinidad. This drama has been enacted annually for 112 years. 


 Bèlé - folk tradition, St. Lucia 1991. Trinidad & Tobago (1979), Martinique 


 Orisha - Traditional African religion in Trinidad: various feasts and festivals including the ceremony of the Bull, feast of Oshun (1988), feast of Elephon (1989)and a pilgrimage (1986). Also Pilgrimage to Gasparee Caves (2000) and much more.


 St. Peter's day festivities in Matelot, isolated fishing village on North Coast of Trinidad. 


 Fire Walking ceremony in Kali worship, Trinidad 1987. Kali healing (1988) and sacrifice and healing (1999 - 2000)


 Limbo, history and practice Trinidad 1983 



Also many other festivals, ceremonies and practices in Christian (Ash Wednesday, Easter), Hindu (baptising, head shaving, pilgrimage to sea), Muslim (sighting the moon for Id L'Fitr, Id ceremonies and practices), Orisha feasts.


 Recordings of drama productions and dance performances in Trinidad & Tobago in 1979-1982 period and beyond. Including plays of Derek Walcott and the Trinidad Theatre Workshop




Interview with Errol Hill, dramatist and authority on Caribbean Theatre. 


Extracts and interviews of productions weekly between 1985 and 1991. 




 Derek Walcott - Poet, Playwright, Nobel Laureate - by Dr. Ken Ramchand, Professor of west Indian Literature, University of the West Indies. (4 hours on his poetry) 1981.Derek Walcott by Dr. Victor Questel (4 hours on The Trinidad Theatre Workshop and Derek's drama.) 1981. 




Errol Hill - Playwright, Dramatist 


C.L.R. James- Novelist, Political philosopher and activist - by Dr. Ken Ramchand, Tony Hall and Bruce Paddington (8 hours) 1981. 


George Lamming- novelist - by Christopher Laird (1 hour) Barbados 1989. 


Rosa Guy - novelist - 20 minutes, Trinidad 1990 


 Peter Minshall - Carnival artist - (1 hour) by Christopher Laird and Tony Hall 1989. 


 Peter Minshall Carnival Mas' artist - by Christopher Laird 1990 & by Tony Hall (1 hour) on 16mm film 1993 


V.S. Naipaul Seminar to Fatima teachers and students 1974 


 Dunstan St. Omer - Muralist & Painter - by Ken Corsbie 1989 - St. Lucia. 


 Euzhan Palcy - Film Director - by Bruce Paddington, (1 hour) Martinique 1989. 


 Slade Hopkinson - Actor & Dramatist - Guyana by Christopher Laird, Tony Hall and Eintou Springer (1½ hours) 1993. 


 Fitzroy Coleman - Calypso-Jazz Guitarist, innovator and arranger - by Tony Hall & Christopher Laird (1 hour) Trinidad 1987 


The Roaring Lion - veteran calypsonian - by Tony and Dennis Hall and Christopher Laird, Trinidad (1 hour) 1990. 


 Andrew Beddeau - Master Drummer, masquerader, singer/actor & Orisha priest - by Tony Hall & Christopher Laird (½ hour) Trinidad 1990. 


 Dionne Brand - Poet - by Christopher Laird (1½ hours) Trinidad 1992. 


 Lord Melody - veteran calypsonian - by Tony hall & Christopher Laird (20 min.) 1986 Trinidad. 


 The Shadow - innovative calypsonian - by Tony Hall & Christopher Laird (½ hour) 1988 Trinidad. 


 Ras Shorty I - inventor of Soca by Christopher Laird, 1989 (½ hour) 


 Perry Henzell - Filmaker  (The harder They Come) by Bruce Paddington (June 2000) 1 hour 


 Ken Morris - Masartist and sculptor. Pioneer of copper beating in masand murals. By Christopher Laird & Tony Hall (1994) 2 hours


 Carlisle Chang - Pioneer painter and muralist, Trinidad & Tobago by Bruce Paddington, (December 2000)


 James Isiah Boodhoo - painter, Trinidad & Tobago, by Bruce Paddington, (December 2000) 2 hours.


 Sterling Betancourt - Steelband pioneer, by Kim Johnson, 4 hours (November 2000)


 Merchant (Dennis Franklyn Williams) - Calypsonian, Soca Artist, Composer - By Errol Fabien (June 1994) 1½ hours 


 Neville Jules - Steelband pioneer, by Kim Johnson, 2 hours (2001)



 Anthony Williams - Steelband pioneer, by Kim Johnson, 2 hours (2001)



 Horace Ové - Film maker, Photographer - by Bruce Paddington, 3 hours (2001)





 Plus many short interviews with Caribbean Women Writers, Caribbean film makers, Aime Cesaire (Poet/politician, Martinique), Beryl McBurnie (Dance pioneer, Trinidad), Calypsonians, Dancers, Choreographers, Dramatists, Writers, Pioneers of the Steelband, Painters, Folk medicine practitioners etc.

Caribbean Festivals of the Arts (CARIFESTA)

 Cuba 1977, 20 minute montage compilation.

 Barbados 1981 - 80 tapes covering the whole festival. 



 Kite making. Top carving, making and playing



 Steelband History and new technology. 


 Stick fighting (Trinidad martial art). 


 Cock Fighting


 Kali worship. 


 Sports & Games in the Caribbean. 


 Hindu wedding - including village announcement house to house, groom's home activities, bride's home activities, ceremony and celebrations. About 20 tapes Trinidad 1986. 


 Storytelling in Tobago, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Guyana and in Trinidad. 




Live recordings from all the calypso tents 1985 - 1988 (50 tapes.) 




  • Interviews with calypsonians. 
  • Lord Melody 
  • Roaring Lion  
  • David Rudder 
  • Blue Boy (Superblue) 
  • Lord Pretender 
  • Kitchener 
  • Tiger 
  • Organiser 
  • Cro Cro 
  • Watchman 
  • Ras Shorty I 
  • Black Stalin 
  • Merchant 
  • and many others 




Traditional and contemporary masquerade every year from 1977. 




 Interviews and performances on the street for traditional characters such as: Bat, Midnight Robber, Dragon, Black Indian


 Queens of Carnival 1986, interviews, costume construction. 2000


 Dimanche Gras (Parade of Kings & Queens and Calypso competition) 1986, 1987, 1988, 2000


 Panorama 1998




 Small Farming in the Caribbean. - interviews with small farmers in Antigua & Montserrat 1985 




 Food Processing (agro-industry) and production in Trinidad & Tobago, livestock, farming, fishing. 


 Pink Mealy Bug in the Caribbean 


 Agricultural technology




Proceedings of the 1983 Inaugural Alliance Convention which gave rise to the National Alliance for Reconstruction which in 1986 won the general elections after the rule of the People's National Movement for the 30 years since Independence. 




 Anti-apartheid marches and rallies for the English cricket tour of 1986. 


 Reconstruction of the events of 19 June 1937 in Fyzabad (1986). (The 'Butler Riots' which sparked labour revolt in the southern Caribbean in 1937) 


 Interviews with Trade Union Pioneers and activists: 

  •  McDonald Stanley 
  • Jim Barratt 
  • Christina King 


Interview with George Louison, Minister in the PRG (Maurice Bishop) government one week after his escape from the Bernard Coard purge of the government and the US Invasion of Grenada, by Frank Solomon (4½ hours). 


 Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, interviews with officials and governments, examination of common institutions with a view to political unity. Antigua, St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Grenada. 





Interviews with:  
Kirby - Curator National Museum, St. Vincent 




 Dennis Williams - Anthropologist, Museum, Guyana 


Desrey Fox - research, Amerindian Research Centre, University of Guyana 


 Irving Auguste - Carib chief, Dominica 


 Ricardo Hernandez Bharath - Carib chief, Trinidad 


Amerindian songs. (Guyana)


 Amerindians in the Rupununi Savannahs of Guyana, schools, clinics, farming, landscape.


 Amerindians in Suriname, chopping firewood, cooking cassava bread for beer making.


 Black Caribs in Griegs, St. Vincent. 


 Yellow Caribs in Sandy Bay, St. Vincent. 


 Garifuna dancing & Drumming, Dangrika, Belize. 


 Re-enactment of Black Carib (Garifuna) landing, Belize. 


 Carib dance and religious service, Dominica. 





Interviews and visuals:


  • Zobida Jo Ali Painter Trinidad
  • Emheyo Bahabba Painter Trinidad
  • Alexis Ballie Painter Trinidad
  • Ralph & Vera Baney Sculptors Trinidad
  • Valerie Belgrave Painter/batik artist Trinidad
  • Clifford Birjoo Painter Trinidad
  • Simon Bissette St.Lucia
  • Eddie Bowen Painter Trinidad
  • Marjorie Brodhagen Painter Guyana
  • Fransisco Cabral Sculptor Trinidad
  • Adrian Camps-Campins Painter Trinidad
  • Dudley Charles painter Guyana
  • Leroy Clarke Painter Trinidad
  • Stephanie Correia Painter/sculptor Guyana
  • Ken Critchlow Painter Trinidad
  • Stephen Derrick Mas' Artist Trinidad
  • Earl Etienne Painter Dominica
  • Francis Ferreira Sculptor Guyana
  • Alene Garvey Trinidad
  • Jason Griffith Mas' artist Trinidad
  • Carlysle Harris Painter Trinidad
  • Donald (Jackie) Hinkson Painter Trinidad
  • Louise Kimme Sculptor Tobago
  • Alexander King Painter Trinidad
  • Makemba Kunle Sculptor Trinidad
  • Enrique Lobo Venezuela
  • Dermot Louison Painter(pastoral/folk) Trinidad 
  • Denise Maynard-Gredidge Muralist/community art 
  • Peter Minshall Mas'Artist Trinidad 
  • Phillip Moore Sculptor/painter Guyana
  • Ken Morris Copper/metal artist Trinidad 
  • Wilcox Morris Painter Tobago 
  • Larry Mosca Nature(bird) painter Trinidad 
  • Steve Oudit Painter/sculptor Trinidad 
  • Albert Prince Sculptor Tobago 
  • Sonnylal Rambissoon Painter/printmaker Trinidad 
  • Glen Roopchand Painter Trinidad 
  • Anna Serrao Sculptor Trinidad 
  • Hazel Shury Painter Guyana 
  • George Simon Painter Guyana 
  • Tessa Springer Painter Trinidad 
  • Dunstan St. Omer muralist St. Lucia 
  • Ian Walcott muralist Barbados 
  • Kennedy Walcott Painter/set designer Trinidad 
  • Samuel Waldron Sculptor (concrete) Trinidad 
  • Doc Williamson Sculptor Jamaica
  • Irene Shaw - painter, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Mario Lewis - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Joscelyne  Gardner -  Barbados
  • Glenda Heyliger - Aruba
  • Remy Jungerman - Suriname
  • Che Lovelace - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Rene Francisco - Cuba
  • Antonio ‘Tonel’ Eligio - Cuba
  • John Stollmeyer - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Kathryn Chan - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Roberta Stoddart - Jamaica/Trinidad & Tobago
  • Carlisle Chang - Trinidad & Tobago
  • James Boodhoo - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Glean Chase - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Mario Lewis - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Christopher Cozier - Trinidad & Tobago

 And visuals of the Burrows School of Art in Guyana and a number of exhibitions 



Construction of the National Stadium - Trinidad - 1979/1980, interviews with Architect, contractors, visuals of various phases. 



 Maroon communities in Suriname, Rivers, Schools, Clinics, medical examination of children, construction, children paddling to school,

 Work collected outside the Caribbean region: Bahia - Brazil - Capoera, music, carnival, people;  
New Delhi - India - Women's movement in Indian & Pakistan;
Ghana - West Africa
- Music, High Life, masquerade, slave castles, storytelling in the village, funeral ceremony in the village. 


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