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A feature length documentary by Christopher Laird premiered in Toronto at the Caribbean Tales Festival In September 2013 and in Trinidad at the Trinidad & Tobago Film festival later that month.

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The Kalinda dance was brought to the Caribbean slave plantations from the Kongo and Angola. In Trinidad the Kalinda accompanied a development of the African warrior game of stick fighting and is practiced in arenas called “Gayelles”.

Two young Trinidadian internationally certified multidisciplined martial artists re-discovered their roots in this unique Trinidadian martial art and were accepted for mentorship by living legends of the art.

Follow Keegan and Benji as with humility, respect and the total commitment of the martial artist they enter the potentially lethal arena of the Gayelle which is to them is like a ring of liberation, “where I am a human being and I deserve to be alive and anybody in this circle I respect because they understand the value of life.


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In everything we have our own thing, the things that all humans need to survive, moulded and crafted to become wholly and solely ours. I went yesterday to see the Documentary feature "No Bois man NO fraid" done by Christopher Laird and narrated or better yet lived by Keegan Taylor and Rondel Benjamin. There is so much i can say and in time and with further reflection i will but for now, if you are a trinibagonian in your heart and you feel a connection to this place in any real sense then you must go see this documentary, it will move you to do more with your life. trust me. i just wanted to congratulate the stickmen and women and the makers of the film for now. Will say my piece later in earnest. Love and respect to all the warriors out in the road fighting. No Bois Man No fraid.

Muhammad Muwakil

78 minutes


Produced by Banyan & The Bois Academy of Trinidad & Tobago

© Banyan & Bois Academy of T&T 2013


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