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A half hour documentary on the music of composer, guitarist Michael Boothman.  


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20 minute instructional documentary - 1979

Anthropologist Beth Ryan explores the traditions of the belaire dance in the rural village bele feasts of Trinidad, Tobago and Martinique analyses its components and compares the traditional folk form to the staged presentation of this graceful and dignified dance. African traditions in European courtly form.

Four part half hour drama series - 1981

A family facing life in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1980s after the death of their mother. the father - played by Wilbert Holder - and eldest daughter - played by Joanne Kilgour - try holding the family together to provide a home for adolescent daughter - Martina Laird - to grow up in and a base for son - Tony Hall - recently returned from graduate studies abroad, to regain his footing and find a place in the society.

In this they are joined by childhood friend and neighbour - Christopher Pinheiro - who in many ways acts as a foil for the family's efforts.  

One hour documentary- 1981

Trinidad & Tobago's contribution to the Caribbean Festival of the Arts in Barbados in 1981. Dance, drama, visual arts, literature and music.  

90 minute drama - 1983

The Anglophone Caribbean's first 'made for TV movie'. Written and directed by Derek Walcott, The Rig explores the impact of the oil discoveries off the East Coast of Trinidad on the village life of the area and the society of Trinidad & Tobago in general through a story of international intrigue and local fantasy.

The main character, played by Maurice Brash, finds himself in love and in conflict with Mayaro village girl - Joanne Kilgour - and her ' sort of' boyfriend - John Isaacs - when he returns to Mayaro from University.  

One hour documentary - 1983

The only work of its kind in the world. The Family of the Caribbean, for the first time, looks at Caribbean Culture - music, visual arts, dance, theatre, literature and people as a whole. Taking CARIFESTA 1981, the Caribbean festival of the Arts as it's touchstone, the documentary reveals the many levels of shared experience and expression in the world's most multicultural region as a new civilisation begins to define itself.

Written and Narrated by Dr. Michael Gilkes of the University of the West Indies, The Family of the Caribbean is a unique and exciting testament to the Caribbean and its people.

Half hour magazine - 1984

The prototype for the Caribbean Broadcasting Union's long running Caribscope and for Banyan's Caribbean Eye. This magazine is the first Caribbean co-production for television where each segment is introduced by its own presenter in their island linking directly to their counterparts in the other islands. Features from St. Lucia (geothermal energy exploration), St. Vincent (the history of the Black Caribs), Dominica (Mountain Chicken), Montserrat (Sea-island Cotton), Antigua (Calypsonian and Restaurateur, Short Shirt) and St. Kitts (traditional acrobatic players).

One hour documentary/dance- 1983

A documentary on Trinidad & Tobago's most exciting and original dance company and its choreographer/artistic director, the late Astor Johnson. The programme features seven dance items interspersed with interviews with Astor Johnson and some of his dancers. An exciting and moving tribute to a landmark of Caribbean dance.  

Half hour drama/documentary - 1983

Joanne Kilgour, John Isaacs and Natalie Rogers, three talented performers who have worked with Banyan for many years and have now completed training in New York's Julliard School and New York University, dance, role play, discuss and perform one afternoon/evening expressing what they feel about having to go abroad ("Foreign") to study; what life means and how it changes their perception of home. Throughout it all they examine their careers in Trinidad & Tobago, and their influence on their present and future achievements. Hilarious, touching, serious and, above all, entertaining tribute to youth and to Caribbean talent.  

Half hour - 1984

A group of actors/musicians visit a school for the handicapped and provide Christmas entertainment through music and stories.  

David Rudder in Bahia
One hour documentary - 1987

1986 Calypso monarch, Young King and road march champion, David Rudder, travels to Bahia in Brazil in search of the "Bahia Gyal" the subject of his winning road march. The programme examines African roots and traditions shared by Brazilians, Trinidadians and Tobagonians and most New World people.  

Four part half hour series - 1986

Comprised mainly of performance in calypso 'tents' and in 'fetes' at the height of the Carnival season, these programmes look at calypso and calypso music today. Features calypsonians Mighty Sparrow, Gypsy, Brigo, David Rudder, Bally, Singing Sandra, and many more as well as the top calypso bands in the world, Charlie's Roots, Sound Revolution, Byron Lee etc.

Musical epidemic remains the most exciting series on calypso music made to date.  

Episodes from the Holy Ramayana as enacted by the villagers of Dow Village, California.
Five part half hour community drama - 1987

This ancient community drama has been played out over the past 116 years in Dow Village in Central Trinidad. Every year before the Divali festival, the beloved characters from the Hindu Holy Ramayana come to life as their story is told with colourful pageantry, drama and humour by and before the villagers of Dow village in a unique display of true community action.  

One hour musical documentary - 1988

Trinidadian calypso musician, Lancelot Layne, visits Ghana in Africa, the land of his ancestors, for the first time. Together with Ghanaian highlife musician Koo Nimo, they explore the roots of Highlife.

The rhythms of the people, of Koo Nimo and his musicians, the music, the markets, brass bands and masqueraders set up reverberations for the Trinidadian that reach far back into his New World experience. This segment is directed by Trinidadian Christopher Laird.

When Koo Nimo visits Lance in Trinidad to experience the music of Trinidad and particularly the Calypso, he meets the legendary Lord Kitchener, Grand master of the Calypso, is welcomed by practitioners of the ancient West African Orisha religion, plays with the world's greatest steelpan player and explores the influence of East Indian music on modern Trinidadian music. This segment is directed by Ghanaian Nii Bampoe Ado.

In a unique South-South co-production, Crossing Over begins to bridge a gap of history between Africa and the Caribbean which has never before been explored by television.  It was awarded Best Documentary in the National Media Awards for Excellence in Trinidad in 1989 and Best Documentary and Best Environmental Documentary at Images Caraibes, Second Caribbean Film Festival in Martinique in 1990. It has been selected for showing at numerous film festivals including the INPUT festival in Stockholm in 1989, the Tam Tam festival in Rome 1989, the Rienna Festival in Paris 1992.

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God Give Us the Talent - The hucksters of Dominica
20 minute Documentary - 1989

The Hucksters of Dominica are followed from Dominica to Guadeloupe as they ply their trade and tell their stories. This film documents an important economic sector of Caribbean life while attesting to the creativity, resilience and determination of the region's women.

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santimanitay - A Mas by Minshall
23 minutes Mas'

The work of internationally recognised Carnival Artist, Peter Minshall, has never been captured in quite as awe-inspiring completeness as this video version of a full length Mas' performance in the National Stadium of Trinidad & Tobago on Carnival Monday night in 1989. In this spectacular film can be seen the roots of Minshall's subsequent triumphs at the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Barcelona and Atlanta.
(Produced with Peter Minshall)

Half hour weekly cultural magazine series - 1985 - 1992.


Over 300 episodes of the most innovative and exciting cultural television. Gayelle has been acclaimed at many international festivals and showings, it has served as a model for the creation of similar productions in the Caribbean, Central America and Canada and is used in television training institutes in the U.S. as an example of how exciting television can be made with simple resources. Without doubt the most exciting series to come out of the Anglophone Caribbean. Gayelle is a nation's complete television programming in half an hour.  

13 half hour documentaries on Caribbean Culture - 1992

Presented by veteran Caribbean broadcaster, Ken Corsbie, Caribbean Eye represents a pioneering effort in regional television. It is the first documentary series about the Caribbean and it is made by the Caribbean. Thirteen areas of regional culture are surveyed from a Caribbean perspective:

Community Celebrations (other Caribbean festivals)
The Caribbean is a meeting place of all the world's cultures. Festivals create and sustain a sense of community. This programme looks at some of the folk festivals of the region (other than carnivals):_ the Hindu festival of Phagwa in Trinidad & Guyana; the La Rose & La Marguerite flowers festivals in St. Lucia; the Johnkunnu of Jamaica, Belize and Bahamas; Masquerade in Guyana and St. Kitts and the Shi'ite festival of Hosein in Trinidad & Jamaica.

Indigenous Survivors
Although the indigenous population of the region was decimated by the Europeans, many survived. This programme looks at these survivors from Guyana, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Dominica and Belize, and examines the movements they are making towards exchange, co-operation and united action.

Musique Antillean
French caribbean musical tradition has heavily influenced the calypso and other folk music in the region. Recently, 'cadance' and 'Zouk' have proven themselves internationally successful musical forms. This programme is linked in Martinique and surveys the roots and current forms of this type of music.

Pan Caribbean
One of the only acoustic musical instruments invented in the last century is the steelpan of Trinidad & Tobago. The spread of this instrument in the popular culture of the other islands of the region has made the instrument almost synonymous with the Caribbean. Pan Caribbean looks at this phenomenon and the use of the steelpan in the popular, jazz and classical music of the rest of the world.

Dramatic Actions
Drama pre-history in folk festivals is followed through the formal theatre of playwright and entertainer to popular theatre for social action. Examples from the entire region are used in this brief but entirely unique survey of Caribbean drama.

Talk and More Talk
Much of Caribbean culture is oral if not aural. This programme looks at oral 'literature' and the role of talk in the region and features many of the Caribbean's best oral performers and 'composers': Louise Bennett, Paul Keens-Douglas, Edward Brathwaite, Michael Smith, Mutabaruka, Jeannette Layne-Clarke, Bruce St. John, Dennis 'Sprangalang' Hall.

Independent Voices
Five Caribbean writers whose works are manifestos for Caribbean independence are featured in this programme: CLR James of Trinidad, Martin Carter of Guyana, VS Reid of Jamaica, Nicolas Guillen of Cuba, Aime C_saire of Martinique.

Women in Action
Women have always been the prime movers in the 'informal economy' of the region. This programme looks in at some projects centred on women and work in Dominica, Jamaica and Guyana. The show is co-hosted by Vincentian Earlene Horne - mother, farmer and Secretary of the St. Vincent farmers' Union - and follows her through a busy day.

Caribbean Carnivals
This programme is linked from the streets of Trinidad's Carnival and visits carnivals in all the other Caribbean islands, looking at their unique forms and examining their shared role which is essentially the liberation of the spirit.

This production looks at four visual artists who work on a large scale: intuitive sculptor and painter
Philip Moore of Guyana, monumental sculptor Alvin Marriott of Jamaica and mas' artist Peter Minshall of Trinidad. The programme is co-hosted by the ground-breaking St. Lucian muralist, Dunstan St. Omer.

Games we Play
Caribbean children, like children the world over, grow up singing and playing games which shape the attitudes and expectations of our roles in later life. This programme looks at these as well as the adult games of draughts in Barbados, dominoes in Dominica, All Fours in Trinidad, Warri in Antigua, and of course, cricket. It questions the low involvement of women in these games and looks at the way this is changing.

Soca - Soul to Sale
Soca music is the latest version of the calypso to impact on international markets. This programme traces its history and the many forms it takes in the region from Ras Shorty I and Charlie's Roots of Trinidad, through Guyana's Eddie Grant, Antigua's Burning Flames, Montserrat's Arrow and many others.

Film Caribbean
Except for Cuba, there has been very limited film production in the Caribbean. Fortunately, this is changing, and Film Caribbean looks at some of the factors which influence regional production, reviewing some of the best of what has been done, and is being done, and what the future holds for Caribbean film-making. Located at the Images Caraibes, Caribbean Film Festival in Martinique, Film Caribbean interviews film makers from the Dutch, French, Spanish and English speaking Caribbean and show excerpts from their films. This is the only video programme available on this subject to date.

The series won the award for Best Series from the Caribbean Publishers and Broadcasting Association and the Caribbean Broadcasting Union. It was awarded a special prize by the Caribbean Community for its role in the Caribbean Integration Movement.

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Kali Worship in Trinidad & Tobago

27 minutes Documentary 1991

Trinidad & Tobago is one of the few places in the New World where worship of the Hindu Goddess, Kali, is so accessible. Involving the legendary 'Fire-pass' (walking over a pit of glowing coals) ceremony, possession rituals and Healing ceremonies, in this documentary the presenter and the camera become players and participants as this dramatic and fascinating devotion to one of the most ancient of deities plays out in the context of one of the most multi-cultural societies in the world.

Thirteen one hour programmes - 1990

A Caribbean late night talk show featuring two guests, including at least one musician. Each programme also features a six minute monologue by Trinidad's premier stand-up comic/commentator, Dennis 'Sprangalang' Hall. The series is hosted by Tony Hall.

  1. Holly Betaudier (popular broadcaster) & Daisy Voisin (Queen of parang music). Dennis Hall on 'Stickfighting in schools'
  2. Carlisle Chang (painter) & Andre Tanker (innovative folk/pop musician). Dennis hall on 'Language and Computers'
  3. Boscoe Holder (painter & dancer) & Geraldine Connor (musician). Dennis Hall on 'Code of Ethics'.
  4. Lennox Pierre (trade union lawyer & activist) & The Lord Pretender (veteran calypsonian & master of extemporaneous singing). Dennis Hall on 'Changes in Local Diet'
  5. Gordon Rohlehr (authority on calypso) & David Rudder (innovative young calypsonian). Dennis Hall on 'Have you ever had one of those days?'
  6. Fitzroy Coleman (innovative calypso guitarist) & Clive Zanda (exponent of calypso jazz). Dennis Hall on 'The Confusions of Life'.
  7. Lord Kitchener (veteran calypsonian) & Peter Pitts (calypso commentator and performer). Dennis Hall on 'Confusion in Food Names'.
  8. Byron Lee (band leader & impresario) & Ras Shorty I (calypsonian and originator of Soca music). Dennis Hall on 'Upholding the Law'.
  9. Merle Hodge (novelist & feminist) & Drupatie Ramgooni calypso/chutney singer). Dennis Hall on 'Confusing Directions'.
  10. Hans Hanoomansingh (broadcaster & cultural activist) & Narsaloo Ramaya (musician). Dennis Hall on 'Taxi Drivers'.
  11. Pat Bishop (musician & painter) & Ray Holman (steelpan composer and soloist). Dennis Hall on 'Women's Day'.
  12. Andrew Bedeau (master drummer) & Jah Jah Oga Onilu (young master drummer). Dennis Hall on 'The cycle of Nature and The Three Booms'.
  13. Peter Minshall (carnival/mas' artist) & Theresa Montano ( old mas' player). Dennis Hall on 'Parenting'.
  14. The Roaring Lion (One of the greatest Calypsonians of the 20th century)

One hour - 1992

Produced as part of the BBC/TVE Developing World series, Dish is a lively and entertaining sweep through the Caribbean looking at the effect of US television programming on local culture. Hosted by Gayelle hosts, Tony Hall and Errol Sitahal, Dish visits St. Lucia, Cuba and Miami. Winner of Best Video Documentary and Best Film on the Environment at Images Caraibes_ Third Caribbean Film festival 1992 and Best Public Affairs Documentary at Prized Pieces, 13th Annual International Video and Film Festival of the National Black Programmers Consortium, Maryland, USA 1993


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40 minute drama - 1994

Highlights of Jean Rhys's classic novel Wide Sargasso Sea _dramatised with a preface about the writer's life and work. Written and directed by Dr. Michael Gilkes. At last a Caribbean treatment of this important novel.
(Produced for The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill)

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Caribbean Women Writers
46 minutes Documentary

Centred around the First Conference of Caribbean Women Writers held in Wellesley College, Boston, this entertaining and thought provoking programme looks at the most exciting development in Caribbean literature since the fifties, women writers. Featuring readings and discussion by the major figures of Caribbean literature by women, it is the only television document of its kind in the world.
(Produced for Wellesley College, Boston)

The first assembly of Caribbean peoples
24 minutes - 1995

A spirited and inspiring documentary covering the first assembly of Caribbean peoples in Trinidad in 1994. Features contemporary and traditional Caribbean music from the cultural evening held during the Assembly. Signals the beginnings of the movement for Civil Society in the region. 

Towards the Development of a National Conservation Strategy
24 minutes - 1995

A documentary which looks at two very different fishing communities in Trinidad and examines, through popular drama their ecological problems and their solutions. 

Open A Door - CARNIVAL
Five minute drama for children - 1995

Music, disguise, strangers who become friends. A young boy opens his front door dressed as a pirate and launches into an adventure. No dialogue, just music and effects. 

10 minute drama/storytelling for children - 1995

A young boy growing up with his father away at sea finds his talent and fascination for music gets him into trouble in the multicultural environment of St. James, Port of Spain, Trinidad. An adventure in many cultures and traditions. 

15 minute drama - 1997

Talented young pannist Smallman finds himself in jail on a murder charge. Pan pioneer, Mannie, visits him to try to help him. A pilot for a feature film set around the history of the steelband, Walk Like A Dragon is an intriguing drama replete with extraordinary images and useful to stimulate discussion on the history of the national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago

7 minute docudrama 2000

9 year old Atiba Williams is the youngest person ever to arrange for a steelband at_ the premier steelband competition, Panorama. This film looks at a day in his life, from home to school to rehearsal to performance. Also available with French subtitles


bigRiver 1999

One hour documentary - 2000


22 International visual artists come together for a two week workshop in the fishing village of Grande Riviere, Trinidad & Tobago on a beach where hundreds of the largest turtles in the world come to nest every night. The interaction between the artists, the community and the environment results in the creation of amazing installations and stimulating work which has left an indelible mark both on the community and the artists themselves. An fascinating and provoking document told by the participants themselves.



KOO NIMO - Palm Wine Guitar

36 minute documentary - 2001


Legendary Ghanaian High Life guitarist, Koo Nimo (Daniel Amponsah) speaks to Christopher Laird about his life and music intercut with numerous performances of his songs (with English subtitles) at various venues in Ghana as well as a musical meeting with the late, great Lord Kitchener, 'Grandmaster' of calypso, and jamming with Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe, perhaps the world's greatest steelpan virtuoso.



EYE TO EYE – Ways of Seeing

26 part Television series 2010 – one hour


Produced with Gayelle: The Channel, Eye to Eye is a series of one on one conversations with people who work out of a strong sense of being Caribbean and what that means. The host is producer, Christopher Laird and among the guests are:


Pat Bishop

Rubadiri Victor

Rawle Gibbons

Frances-Anne Solomon


Kim Johnson

Pat Mohammed

Tony Hall

Raymond Ramcharitar

Sunity Maharaj

Marc Matthews

Christopher Cozier

Paul Keens-Douglas

Mungal Patasar

Brother  Resistance (Lutalo Masimba)

Ray Funk

Burton Sankerali

Lester Efebo Wilkinson

Wendell Manwarren

Georgia Popplewell

Tribute to Samantha Pierre

David Abdulah

Dennis Hall

Kumar Mahabir

Attilah Springer & Muhammad Muwakil

Errol Fabien


PREVIEWS of these can be seen at: Description: CC MURAL small with title.psd



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Christopher Laird talks to and profiles filmmakers in Trinidad & Tobago and the region and shows extracts of their films and whole short films. This series of 27 programmes gives exposure to the growing number of young filmmakers graduating from our film schools as well as established filmmakers who are making a name for Caribbean Film internationally.


PREVIEWS and description of contents can be seen at:  Description: Macintosh HD:Users:christopher:Documents:Documents:pancaribbean:banyan:FLIMS title.psd




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16 minute documentary 2012 HD


This 16 minute documentary was produced on the occasion of the PUBLIC SPACES exhibition of the the work of architect Colin laird which was held at the National Museum of Trinidad & Tobago from June 2012 to January 2013 to coincide with celebrations of Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th anniversary of Independence. As part of the country’s social, economic, cultural and physical evolution, architect Colin Laird, through his  prolific production and dedication to civic projects was at the vanguard of the movement that worked to express in architecture, the spirit of the emerging Trinidad and Tobago - literally building the nation.  Also available with French subtitles



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78 minute documentary  2013 HD


The Kalinda dance was brought to the Caribbean slave plantations from the Kongo and Angola. In Trinidad the Kalinda accompanied a development of the African warrior game of stick fighting and is practiced in arenas called “Gayelles”.


Two young Trinidadian martial artists re-discover their roots in this unique Trinidadian martial art and are accepted for mentorship by living legends of the art.


Follow Keegan and Benji as with humility, respect and the total commitment of the martial artist they enter the potentially lethal arena of the Gayelle which to them is like a ring of liberation, “where I am a human being and I deserve to be alive and anybody in this circle I respect because they understand the value of life.

Also available with French, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.







65 minute documentary  2012 HD

The publication of this documentary on The Caribbean’s premiere water colourist and artist coincides with a massive retrospective exhibition of Donald ‘Jackie’ Hinkson’s work over five decades. The exhibition, runs in four venues and also accompanies the publication of his autobiography, What Things Are True.




WATER COLOUR    16 minutes

The film follows Hinkson as he paints a water colour, plein air, from blank page to finished painting, explaining all his decisions and process.




SCULPTURE  16 minutes

Hinkson works on a number of sculptures simultaneously while describing his techniques and the reasons for his creative decisions






35 minute documentary  2015 HD


In 1975 Stephen Lee Heung, veteran producer of masquerade bands for the Trinidad Carnival, invited Peter Minshall, who was working as a theatre designer in London, to design his presentation for the 1976 Trinidad Carnival.


The result was a milestone in Trinidad Carnival design and the emergence of a new master artist of the Mas.


The resulting band, PARADISE LOST, won Band of the Year. Its King, The Serpent in the Garden of Eden, won King of Carnival and the individual costumes won every prize in their category.


In this film Peter Minshall tells the story of the design and construction of this landmark band and his reaction to seeing the remastered version of the only known motion picture recording of PARADISE LOST on stage filmed by veteran cinematographer, George Tang.


Prior to PARADISE LOST, costumed bands were designed for historic

pageantry and ornamental display. With PARADISE LOST mas was enlivened both in spirit and in form. It was a kinetic revolution.


“It is doubtful that the work of any single individual has had so instantaneous and so searing an impact on the consciousness of an entire country,”  Roy Boyke on Minshall and Paradise Lost 1976


Added features on this DVD include interviews with:

Cinematographer, and masman, George Tang,

Peter Samuel on playing King for Minshall

Masmakers: Pascal Ramkissoon (3.22 minutes), Kendal DePeiza (13minutes) and Larry Richardson (9 minutes)






Banyan has a large collection of Music Videos from Trinidad & Tobago including a comprehensive collection of the videos of David Rudder. 





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13 half-hour episode drama serial - 1977

The stories of four families interweave in this 'soap-opera' style series which explores Caribbean family life situations and problems.
(Produced for the Family Planning Association of Trinidad & Tobago with the assistance of the International Planned Parenthood Federation)



12_ half-hour episode drama series - 1979

Twelve stories of a family demonstrate the Rights of the Child as laid down by the United Nations.
(Produced for the Ministry of Community development of Trinidad & Tobago)


30 minute drama - 1978

A satirical look at the forces behind the an attempt by the tobacco industry to lure young people into smoking.
(Produced for the Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Society)


Half Hour Documentary -_ 1992

A colourful and sensuous look at the growing and use of Heliconias in Trinidad & Tobago
(Produced for Magnolia Productions,



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Village to best Village
One Hour Documentary_ - 1980

Prize winning documentary on the Prime Minister's best Village Trophy Competition which follows three villages on their stirring and hard fought journey from the their village to the grand finals at the Queen's Park savannah.
(Produced for the Ministry of Community Development - Trinidad & Tobago)



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10 five minute features - 1992

Ten of the Caribbean's leading cultural figures are featured in these vignettes:

Beryl McBurnie - Choreographer, Trinidad

Phillip Moore - Visual Artist - Guyana

Felix De Rooy - Film Director - Curacao

Derek Walcott - Poet - St. Lucia

Arrow - Soca Artist - Montserrat

Aime Cesaire - Poet - Martinique

Ophelia - Singer - Dominica

Nicholas Guillen - Poet, Cuba

George Lamming - Novelist, Barbados



hurricane construction programme
21 Minutes, Public Information - 1993

An entertaining and informative treatment of a vital subject - the construction of housing resistant to hurricanes.


getting back on your feet
12 Minutes, Public Information - 1993

Survival and rebuilding after a Hurricane


Fight cancer, don't fear it
15 minute Documentary - 1982

Four people with Cancer talk of their experiences and tell how they have fought the dreaded. Inspiring and moving.


breast self examination - A healthy Habit
9 minutes, Public Information - 1982

A practical guide to Breast Self Examination.


Prelude to Finale
Half Hour Documentary - 1988

Three women arrangers are followed as they rehearse and put their steelbands through their paces for the biennial Pan is Beautiful festival. One of them is in winners row but for all of them it is a triumph for women and for the steelband.
(Produced for JEL Productions


Cavalleria Rusticana
67 minute_ Opera - 1982

A full length Opera lushly presented and performed.
(Produced for the Opera Society of Trinidad & Tobago)


Five_ five minute vignettes of Women in the Caribbean - 1992


dwight, world class, naturally good
Half Hour documentary - 1992

This programme looks at the Tobagonian footballer, Dwight York after his first year with Aston Villa. Shot in England and in Tobago it portrays a Caribbean sportsman of international quality who went on to lead his team to its first FA Cup with a record number of goals scored.
(Produced with the Caribbean Development Company)


Surviving Rape
1 Hour Public Information - 1988

An intense public discussion of the issues surrounding rape, illustrated_ with drama.
(Produced for Rape Crisis Centre of Trinidad & Tobago)

21 Minutes 1997

A young Jamaican footballer, from the 'ghetto' areas of Kingston, is refused a visa to take up a scholarship at a university in the US. Dramatic events and coincidences conspire to take the story to an alternate conclusion.

Directed by Christopher Browne and produced by Banyan.

25 Minutes 2003

A lively and touching documentary on a verse and song contest in Trinidad and Tobago schools to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS.

Made by Banyan for the Embassy of the United States of America.

25 Minutes 2002

In November 2000, British explorer, John Blashford Snell, wishing to fulfill the desire of the Waiwai people for a keyboard instrument, transported a grand piano to their village deep in the rainforest of  Guyana. Since then, the piano has remained largely unused in a corner of the village church.


In May 2002, Guyanese filmmaker and cultural activist, Michael Gilkes, led a team including Guyanese international concert pianist, Ray Luck, piano technician, Remington Ally, and the Banyan crew to join the Waiwai in a concert of song and music.

With an engaging style that reflects the quiet observant reserve of the Waiwai, CONCERT IN THE RAINFOREST documents this opportunity grasped by fellow Guyanese to rehabilitate the instrument and integrate it more usefully into the musical life of the Waiwai.




Banyan has the most extensive cultural video archive in the southern Caribbean.

Extensive material exists in Dance, Drama, Music, Poetry, Visual Arts, Festivals and exhaustive interviews with Caribbean luminaries such as C.L.R. James, Derek Walcott, Slade Hopkinson, Lord Melody, Fitzroy Coleman, Pat Castagne, Ken Morris, Dionne Brand, Marc Matthews, Errol Jones, Carlisle Chang, James Boodhoo, Sterling Betancourt, Colin Laird, Boscoe Holder, Ken Corsbie, Henry Muttoo and many others.

A searchable database of the Archive is available from Banyan



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