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Since 1974, Banyan has distinguished itself as a producer of innovative and entertaining programmes which aim at the same time to inform and reflect Caribbean people and culture. This mixture of entertainment and social comment so akin to the Calypso, the folk song form originating in Trinidad, has become identified as the Banyan style and is applied in the hundreds of productions Banyan has presented in the last 40 years. 


While maintaining and developing links with its community through co-productions with cultural organisations, trades unions, and community organisations, Banyan works internationally to have the region seen through the eyes of the Caribbean, producing on international standard video and film, for the world market.

In 2004 Banyan started a community television station called GAYELLE The Caribbean, Gayelle is the first, and still the only, over the air television station in the region to transmit 100% original local and regional programming 24 hours a day.

Banyan is a partner with Caribbean Tales Worldwide Distribution in a 3D Distribution Project funded by the ACPCultures+ Programme

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